Our Story

Waukee Community Church was born in a diner. Two of our founding elders were meeting over lunch at the Drake Diner to plan for their Adult Bible Fellowship Class at Valley Church (West Des Moines, IA). Soon, they found themselves dreaming about a church plant in the growing western suburbs of Des Moines. They dreamed of a church where people embraced the mission of "being" the church. They dreamed of a place where people were genuinely involved in each other's lives--helping each other become more like Christ. That day, in a diner, these two guys grabbed hold of that vision.

As the dream expanded, the leaders of Valley Church embraced this plant and joyfully sent a group of 50 people to Waukee. On Palm Sunday of 2005, WCC launched her first public worship service at Prairieview School.

Over the years, many things have changed, but we have always stayed true to the mission of making followers of Jesus.

Our Mission

At WCC, we're "bringing people together to LIVE like Jesus, LOVE like Jesus and GIVE like Jesus." We work hard to make HIM the focal point of everything we do. Life works best when Jesus is at the center. 

We LIVE like Jesus when we learn His teachings and seek to mold our lives after His pattern of life.  We LOVE like Jesus when we deeply love both God and the people He has created. Finally, we GIVE like Jesus when we model His selfless behavior -- putting others before ourselves and serving others rather than expecting to be served.

This is  a place where we are authentic with each other. Each of us is being transformed to be more like Christ. This mission is fueled by the Holy Spirit who is working through ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. The same power that raised our Lord from the dead, is working to further the kingdom of God through our lives.

We hope that you'll find WCC to be a place you can call home, a place where you can be authentically transformed through the Word of God, and a place where you can learn to live, love and give like Jesus.


Steadfast Dependence on God

We want to see God accomplish big things for his glory in our city. The thing is, on our own, we will not be able to accomplish these big things. This is where we must demonstrate a steadfast dependence on God. Without Him, we will not be able to do His work.

Grace-Filled Authenticity

What you see is what you get. Sounds cliche, but we expect it to be a reality. When we walk out the door on Sunday morning we don't become a different person. Even through the messiness of life, what you see on Sunday morning is the same thing you will see if we were to meet at the grocery store, gas station, or soccer field.

Transformational Relationships

Every relationship we have transforms us in some way. We see our relationship with Jesus transforming us more and more into the image of Him. It is through the power of the Holy Spirit that, over time, this transformation takes place.

Boldly Going

We don't just talk about Jesus, we look to be his hands and feet. Our faith in Jesus compels us to live out the Kingdom of God here on earth. We desire to boldly go into our community, meeting needs and sharing the good news of Jesus.