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Current Sermon Series:

JEREMIAH: uproot & replant

Just as a loving father disciplines his children, so our Heavenly Father lovingly disciplines His children. The book of Jeremiah was written to an obstinate and stubborn people who had rejected God's tender care and had embraced the cruel master of idolatry. For centuries God had warned them of the consequences of their unfaithfulness. Jeremiah is the last prophet to warn them of the discipline they were about to face They were about to be uprooted and replanted.

Facing discipline is something that no one relishes. But understanding the heart of our loving Heavenly Father, and the grace that is freely given to us in Christ, is instrumental in living as a follower of Jesus.

As we walk through Jeremiah together, I pray you'll see the loving hand of God at work in your life. God uproots and replants.

-Pastor Dave