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Current Sermon Series: “Learning to Lament”

"Learning to Lament"

The Book of Lamentations

When I was a kid, I grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. One of the great things about almost all 1980’s shows was that every problem in every episode was both created and solved in one hour.  Is the entire galaxy about to be thrown into interstellar war?  No problem — solved in 60 minutes! Has a mysterious disease infected the whole ship? No problem — solved in 60 minutes.  While TV shows have changed, we really have not changed. When we have a problem, conflict, ailment, or sorrow, we expect immediate solutions.  

Lamentations stands in stark contrast to our desire for quick fixes. The people of the ancient world knew how to lament. And it would benefit us to learn from them. How do we sit in our sorrows without destroying our souls?  How do we grieve without demanding a removal of that grief?  We need to learn to Lament.  

Join us for this brief, four week, series as we explore these 5 chapters of the book of Lamentations. Together, we will be a people who is Learning to Lament.