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Current Sermon Series: “Luke: Life on Purpose”

"Have you ever experienced life without purpose? At one point or another we all have lived life this way. We settle into a routine. Life becomes something that happens to us without us even noticing. If we don’t pay attention, it's easy to cruise through life without purpose. 

In Luke’s Gospel, he wants us to see how Jesus lived his life. Jesus was intentionally aware of his Father’s grand purpose for his life. He was intentional about watching what the Father was doing and seeing how he fit into that plan. His awareness caused him to live his life intentionally. Jesus lived life on purpose. No where is this more evident than in Luke 4. Jesus intentionally heads to the wilderness to be tempted. Then Jesus reads Isaiah in the synagogue and announces that he is the fulfillment of God’s master plan.

Our current sermon series in the Gospel of Luke is an opportunity to remind ourselves of the importance of intentionality. Are you observant of God’s work in your life? Are you watching to see what he puts in your path? Are you living your life on purpose."