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Current Sermon Series: “Living in Light and Love

John the Apostle writes this letter many years after Jesus ascended into heaven.  Now an old man, John is pastoring a group of churches who are struggling in the aftermath of a major church split. Many of their friends had abandoned their Christian roots and pursued a false teaching about Jesus.  

In John’s gentle, pastoral way he implores his remaining children to hold fast to these two truths — God is LIGHT and God is LOVE.  These essential aspects of God character should have a have a transformational impact on the lives of those who are children of God through Christ. It was true for John’s church, and it's true for WCC.

We live in a world where even the most basic tenants of the Christian faith are seen as suspect.  In such a rapidly changing world, followers of Jesus must cling to the nature of Christ. It's only when we hold to this anchor that our lives can demonstrate a radically transforming love to the world around us.