• David Brooks


    Dave is the Lead Pastor of Waukee Community Church. He came to WCC in November of 2005 as the first pastor of this new church plant. Dave is in love with two Brides: His Bride, Clorrisa, and Jesus’ Bride, the Church. He has 6 children. The youngest 2 are in middle school. The oldest 4 are adults. (Someday Pastor Dave hopes that he too can be considered “an adult”). Dave is an avid Cubs fan, so he has learned to deal with adversity and disappointment. Dave has many nicknames including, Pastor Dave, P.Dave, P.Diddy, and Rev. He is still learning how to be a Pastor and makes lots of mistakes, but he serves a great God and a wonderful church…both who are filled with grace.

  • David Tank


    David is the newest pastor and staff member to serve at WCC, having begun his journey with us in April 2022, and he enjoys being called by his last name, "Tank." David and his wife, Sarah, have 2 small children — which means that sleep is at a premium, and it was confirmed in the hiring process that David is a Cubs fan. As the Assistant Pastor at WCC, Tank is the lead shepherd for Life and Discipleship Groups. He is Pastor Dave’s favorite staff member.

  • Brenda Jackson


    Brenda joined the staff of WCC in August of 2016. Her role is to oversee the KidsLife (K-6) ministries at WCC.  Brenda lives in Waukee and considers herself blessed to be called the Mother of two daughters and one son-in-law. She also has 14 dogs, 17 cats, 4 birds, 3 mice, 5 hedge-hogs and one chinchilla (not really). Brenda is Pastor Dave's favorite staff member (really).

  • Jessica Reiber


    Jessica joined the staff of WCC in the fall of 2021. Her role is to oversee the LittleLife (Birth-Preschool) ministries at WCC. Jessica is the blessed wife of Chris and all together they have five children. She enjoys homeschooling, photography, and writing. She worked as a teacher in Missouri for 13 years and also taught English for a semester in Egypt. Even though Jessica is forever a St. Louis Cardinals fan, Pastor Dave still considers her his favorite staff member.

  • Molly Flinkman


    Molly’s role is to oversee our women’s ministry.  She and her husband, Jake, have four kids, and in her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, and watching her houseplants grow.  Molly is Pastor Dave's favorite ministry leader.

  • Ben Brooks


    Ben has been a part of the Waukee Community Church family most of his life as he is Pastor Dave's son. His roots run deep in engaging and growing in his love for Jesus and worshiping Him alongside the WCC family. He is currently a student at Moody Bible Institute and is a part of Moody Chorale. He and Jeff Abbas lead our worship ministry together. And as you can imagine, he IS Dave's favorite!

  • Tara Bollback


    Tara joined the staff of WCC in the fall of 2021. As the office administrator it's important for Tara to keep the staff functioning. She is also required to laugh at Pastor Dave's jokes. Tara and her husband, Jason, have 2 daughters and have served in church ministries in various forms all across the US. Tara is a fellow graduate of Moody Bible Institute, which makes Tara Pastor Dave's favorite staff member.

  • Aaron Savage


    Aaron is the chairman of our elder team. He teaches government at Waukee High School, and umpires baseball during the summers. Aaron and his wife, Jess, have two young daughters. He’s an avid Atlanta Braves fan. In spite of this fact, Aaron is Pastor Dave's favorite Elder.

  • Jeff Johanessen


    Jeff was a founding member of WCC. Jeff is a careful, logical thinker who has been closely involved in the leadership of WCC from the beginning. Jeff lives in Waukee, is married to a phenomenal woman, and has three adult children. He loves to bike, and enjoys crossing completed items off of lists.  Jeff is Pastor Dave's favorite Elder.

  • Jeff Abbas


    Jeff joined the elder team in 2020. He has three adult daughters, one amazing wife, and numerous cats. Jeff loves Jesus, his family, soccer and The Lord Of The Rings. This last fact has earned him the nickname “Jeff The Gray”. He currently leads our worship ministry alongside Ben Brooks.  Jeff is Pastor Dave’s favorite Elder.

  • Mark Nelson


    Mark joined the elder team in 2021. He is married to an incredible woman, has three adult daughters and three precious grandkids. Mark is an Iowa native and has a heart for seeing the kingdom of God impact the lives of our children and youth right here in Iowa. He loves the disciple-making focus of WCC and is excited to help shepherd our congregation. Mark is Pastor Dave's NEWEST favorite Elder.