5 Ways to Get Connected at WCC

  • Communication

    Get connected with us electronically. Visit our website at 50263.org, sign up for our weekly email, or connect with us on Facebook.  

  • Intro to WCC

    Meet with one of our key leaders to learn what makes us tick. This informal meeting often happens over coffee, but sometimes with a scheduled group. Send us an email to initiate this get-together.

  • Serve

    The ministries of WCC only function because of the dedicated people of this church. There are many ways to use your spiritual gifts. We need you!

  • LT Group or Life Group

    Its vital to make a discipleship connection with other followers of Jesus. Life Transformation Groups are comprised of 3-4 people who are, together, growing in the Word of God and the mission of the Kingdom of God. Life Groups are adult, mixed-gender groups who walk through life together. These groups meet weekly in various homes throughout the community.

  • Membership

    Become a member of WCC by attending a scheduled membership class.