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  • SERMON:  “How Do You Know?”

    Text:  1 John 2:3-11

    If you claim:

    1. To know Christ — Keep His commands (2:3-5).

    2. To abide with Christ — Emulate His character (2:6-8).

    3. To be in Christ — Love your sibling (2:9-11).


  • What We Have  - 1 John  1:5 - 2:2

    Not everyone says,

    1. “Jesus is God,” but we have fellowship in Him (1:5-7) 


    Not everyone says,

    2. “Sin is real,” but we have forgiveness (1:8-9)


    Not everyone says,

    3. “Sin is mine,” but we have an Advocate (1:10 – 2:2)

  • “The Joy of Light and Love” - 1 John 1:1-4

    John’s message of joy to a beleaguered church.

    1. Jesus is LIGHT (1:1-3a)

    2. Jesus brings LOVE (1:3b-4)

  • "In Conclusion"

    Luke 24:50-53

    Key questions in Luke:

    1. Does Jesus belong in God’s story?

    2. Does Jesus belong in history?

    3. Do you belong?

    Conclusions from Luke’s conclusion:

    1. You are blessed.

    2. Your story has a beautiful ending.

    3. You were made to worship.

  • Luke 24:36-49 - "Unequipped"

    How does Jesus equip you for Kingdom work?

    1. He reassures your faith (v36-43).

    2. He clarifies the message (v44-48).

    3. He empowers you for the mission (v49).

  • “Are You Blind?”

     Luke 24:13-35

    Are you:

    1.  Blind to the whole purpose of Jesus? (v13-24)

    2.  Blind to the whole message of Scripture? (v25-27) 

    3.  Blind to the whole power of the Resurrection (v28-35)  

  • The Story Isn't Over - Luke 24:1-12

    How does the resurrection of Jesus advance your story?

    It moves your confusion toward clarity (v3)

    It moves your brokenness toward healing (v12)

    It moves your skepticism toward faith (v11)

    It moves your gaze toward the future (v6-7)

  • “Who Killed Jesus” - Luke 23:513-25

    Who Killed Jesus?

    * Herod?

    * The Jewish leaders?

    * Pilot?

    * The people?

    * Barabbas?

    What do you believe and how will you react?

  • Jesus clashing with culture exposes our true intentions. 

    Luke 22:63 - 23:12

    1. Our intentions for prominence. (22:63-71)
    2. Our intentions to keep the peace. (23:1-5)
    3. Our intentions to control. (23:6-12) 

  • “Failure” - Luke 22:54-65

    Have you denied Jesus by:

    1. Failing to keep your word? (54-58)

    2. Failing to be loyal? (59-60)

    3. Failing to accept restoration? (61-65)

  • “The Darkness”

     Luke 22:47-54a 

    When the darkness wins:

    Will you betray the friendship of Jesus? (47-48)

    2. Will you betray the mission of Jesus? (49-51)

    3. Will you persist in misunderstanding? (52-54)

  •  The Test - Luke 22:39-46

    Key questions to ask about the test of discipleship:

    A. What is the test? (22:39-40 & 45-46)     

    B. How do I face the test? (22:41-42, 44)

    C. How do I survive the test? (22:43)

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    Today is Communion Sunday. If you have elements available at home please gather them prior to the service. If you are joining us from home please let us know you are here!

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  • Christmas Eve - December 24, 2020

    5 PM - December 24 - 215 N Warrior Lane

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